Keep your belongings safe and secure!

You get what you pay for and the safes we carry are superior to "big box store" safes in every aspect. The workmanship, materials used, and weight are a huge part of creating a great safe. Stop in today and we can show you what sets our safes on a higher level of quality. Safes are an investment in keeping your belongings secure so do it right the first time and get one with thicker steel and better locks/mechanics. We also offer professional safe repair, delivery, installation. Safes from American Security and Gardall.

Business Safes

We offer many differnent styles of drop and cash drawer safes to fit the particular needs of your business. In floor safes are also available.

Residential Safes

We have a very large selection of small to large document and valuable safes. Keep your belongings safe from fire and burglary!

Jewelry Safes

Gardall Jewelry safes are the perfect way to keep all of your jewelry secure and organized. Motion activated LED light turns on as soon as the door is opened giving you a great view even in a dark closet. Drawers for watches, rings, bracelets, and jewlery! Standard S&G electronic lock and can be bolted down to the floor or the wall for added security.

American Securtiy Gun Safe Models
BF Series
NF Series
FV Series
TF Series

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Gun Safes

Gun Safes

NF_and_BF_gun_safes.jpgKeep your gun collection safe in a beautiful American Security gun safe. From small to large gun collections we have a safe to meet your needs. With gun safes starting at 17" wide and going all the way up to 50" wide we carry a safe for any size collection!

AMSEC offers many different levels of safe to fit any budget. From safes with 30min fire rating and a 3/16" steel plate to 120min fire rating and a 1/2" steel plate. All models come with the premium door organizer, 4 way bolt work, and adjustable interior shelving. Can also be outfitted with a dial lock or upgraded electronic lock.

We also carry many different styles of quick access pistol and shotgun safes. Keeps them away from children but if an intruder enters your home allows you to quickly access your weapon to defend your family. Every second counts so stop in and let us help you make the right choice for your needs.

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